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Although general office supplies are important to your daily operation, it’s also crucial to meet your staff’s environmental needs. Our online store includes office breakroom supplies to help you stock your maintenance closets and breakrooms with the right tools. You’ll find food and kitchen items, such as microwaves and coffeemakers, as well as office first aid kits for minor medical concerns.

We also believe in the importance of climate control for your staff. Office space heaters and tabletop fans can help your team stay comfortable as they work. Similar to caring for your staff, maintaining your facility is a big job that requires a lot of tools. We stock janitorial products and equipment, which includes air fresheners, sterilizing products, brooms, vacuums, and other cleaning supplies.

Give your staff and your facility the attention they both deserve. Shop here to find your office breakroom supplies

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Facility & Breakroom

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3 ply Disposable- Non Surgical Mask-50 pieces in 1 box
UCC50DISPMASKS - 3 ply Level 2 Non Surgical Mask Disposable
Covid 19 Rapid Antigen Test Kit - Abbott brand, Nasal swa...
RapidTestKitAbbott - Abbott Rapid Antigen Test Kit
Antibacterial Disinfecting Hand Wipes - 50 per pack
BPWipes50 - Antibacterial Disinfecting Hand Wipes 50
Discontinued Product
Rapid Test Kit for Covid 19 - Box contains 25 tests
COVID19RapidtestBOX - Artron Covid19 Rapid Test Kit
Kit Contents: Everything needed to run a test of employee...
COVID19RapidtestKIT - Boson Biotech Rapid Antigen Test Kit
Carlico 500ml hand sanitizer gel with pump
CARSANGEL500ml - Carlico 500ml Sanitizer Gel in a Pump Bottle
Carlico Hand Sanitizer Gel Squirt Top 236ml
CARSANGEL236ml - Carlico Hand Sanitizer Gel Squirt Top 236ml
ColdFire Hand Sanitizing Foam 50ml
CLDFR50mlFOM - Cold Fire Hand Sanitizing Foam 50ml
ColdFire Hand Sanitizing Foam 50ml
CLDFR50mlFOAM - ColdFire Hand Sanitizing Foam 50ml
COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests <br />Can be self administer...
COVID19Rapidtest - COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test


SteriKleen Disinfecting Wipes
Carlico 500ml Sanitizer Gel in a Pump Bottle
White Swan Paper Towels - 2 Ply - 8.6" x 10.9&q...
Kleenex Facial Tissue - 2 Ply - White - 100 Per Box