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Thank-you for your great service Chad.
CRF Chain & Cable: Mary-Anne Esau Feb 10, 2010
We did not renew our lease contract for the postage station with Pitney Bowes as our daily posting are very few now. So we no longer need the ink tank anymore. Thank you very much for your service over the past years.
Nice International Canada Corp: Naomi Kagami Feb 4, 2010
We have had a few issues in the beginnig but have had no problems since. I am happy with the prompt service that Chad has provided.
Frontier Power Products: Melanie Jan 29, 2010
Amazing service! Thanks for the tips on cleaning my print head.
Sanderson Concrete: April Watson Nov 10, 2009
Thanks for your prompt service. The ink works great. Chad even installed it for us.
Split Vision Eyewear: Sheila Oct 5, 2009
Dear Chad:
I'm returning 2 used K700 cartridges to you for recycling. We've recently replaced our postage meter with stamps as our use was very limited of late. Thanks for the excellent service over the years.
Stewart & Winch LLP: Charles Oct 2, 2009
Hi Chad,

Thank you for coming by and cleaning our print head with a baby wipe no less. It worked perfect. Pitney Bowes told us that we had to buy a new print head from them and we should consider buying their cleaning kits to prevent this from happening in the future. I think I'll stick to the baby wipes!
JER Envirotech: Joan Oct 1, 2009
Your speedy delivery was amazing. The quality of the ink was just as good as we've been getting from Pitney Bowes and you're so much less expensive too. We will definately get a new postage meter from you to when our lease is up.
Inland Machinery: Dave Sep 30, 2009
Hi Chad,

We received the ink cartridge in our mail today. Thank you so very much for your prompt service. I do believe this will be a long and happy relationship.

Have a great afternoon!
Hazell & Co.: Kathy Smith Sep 24, 2009
Thank you so much Chad! you're always very prompt with the service. I look forward to working with you for many years to come! :)
Digital Payment Technologies: Lecayle Hubert Sep 10, 2009
Thanks so much Chad for your incredibly quick service. We were out of ink and in a pinch, Pitney Bowes wanted $45 just to rush ship the ink to us. You had it here within a few hours and didn't charge us anything for delivery.
Carbide Tool Works: Jane Sep 8, 2009
Thank you so much Chad. We didn't know what to do about our old ink as Pitney Bowes wouldn't give us a credit for them. The new ink you traded us works great. We will order all our postage supplies through you!
Custom Plastics Group: Cathryn Sep 4, 2009
Hi Chad,

Thank you so much for your unbelievable service.
Bogner Development: Twylia Kuss Sep 1, 2009
The quick delievery really saved us when our postage meter ink ran out suddenly yesterday afternoon. We got today at noon, so no mailing has been delayed! Plus, extra help for cleaning up our postage meter. Wonderful service. We will defenitely continue using their products.
Spady Transport: Ingrid Sep 1, 2009
Still impressed by the quick service! Faxed my order yesterday afternoon & received my ink in the mail the next morning!

Keep it up!

The Original Cakerie: Salina Aug 19, 2009
Very friendly service & extremly fast delivery. Thanks so much.
Gold River: Nootka Sound Service Ltd. Aug 18, 2009
Just to let you know that the ink cartridge is back in action. Wiping off the "printhead" seemed to do the trick. Thanks for your help.
Pan American Nursery: Jan Forsey Aug 18, 2009
Chad, thank you for the very prompt service, we appreciate it.
Richmond Chrysler Jeep: Jane Aug 5, 2009
Super fast. I emailed my order and you called me within 5 minutes to confirm. I was amazed. I love the price comparison to Pitney Bowes - what a deal! I received my order early the next day. I'm still amazed and impress. I wish everyone I deal with in my busness was as effecient and cost effective as you! Thanks so much Chad.
S.Surrey: Sandra Jul 30, 2009
Whew, your delivery was fast
Canadian Autoparts Toyota: Sandra Jul 30, 2009
Chad, just walked in the door, I was completely surprised, received ink. Amazing service. Will do all my ordering through ASAP.
internet: Sandra Kovacs Jun 23, 2009
Great service. New customer and called in my order in the morning and received my ink cartridge just after noon the same day. Will recommend this serivce to all my friends
Burnaby: Ed Jun 23, 2009
Excellent!!! Fast, Friendly and pricing is fantastic!
Len's Transportation Group Ltd.: Brianne May 27, 2009
Easy ordering and fast delivery. I appreciate this company and it's services very much!
Columbia Bible College: Erin May 26, 2009
Thank-you very much for your quick response to my order of ink. In twenty-four hours it was here!
Keep up the good work!
Sawarne Lumber, Richmond, B.C.: Sheryl Lukacs May 8, 2009
Fast and friendly service!
Portola Packaging: Cathy Rawe May 7, 2009
--Chad - well done - ever since we put that label with your company name on our postage meter - you are the only company we call -- too bad we don't use more ink - but you have us as a faithful customer -- all because you came in here with a smile on your face and directly put that label on the postage meter -- have a great day - I will continue to pray that your company will keep growing in this economy -- God Bless --
STOR-X Organizing System: Ann Camire May 4, 2009
Great prompt service! Thanks Chad!
The Original Cakerie: Salina Apr 22, 2009
Your delivery was incredibly fast. I'm impressed. I have always hated dealing with Pitney Bowes. It's nice to have an alternative place to order ink cartridges at a lower price. We will be mailing our spring newsletter in about a week and will have an opportunity to test out your cartridges with over 1000 pieces of mail.
Bluewater Adventures: Charlene Apr 21, 2009
Thanks for the updates Chad. Great to see your smiling face. Oh and your promptness and product is great too!
Valu-Tex Ent. Ltd.: Rachelle Apr 17, 2009
Thanks so much for the fast and personal service. Your rates are MUCH better than Pitney Bowes. The next day service was great.
Aqua-Coast Engineering Ltd.: Katelynn Mar 31, 2009
Great service, and the price is right too. Thanks.
Columbia Kitchen Cabinets: Marilyn Janzen Mar 19, 2009
Thank you for your prompt service. My partner in a different business will also call you soon.
V & V Refrigeration: Vera Mar 19, 2009
Very quick service.

Excellent response and its great to talk to someone rather than pushing a bunch of buttons trying to reach a live person on the other end.

Thank you Chad

Randy Sihota
Nationwide Natural Foods (2000) Inc: Randy Sihota Feb 19, 2009
I love the website - simple and effective. Thanks for the professional, friendly and not to mention speedy service.
City of Chilliwack: Robin Funk Feb 11, 2009
Great service as always Chad. I enjoy our chats and the updates on your new services.
Smartsort Services: Mary-Jane Feb 4, 2009
Thanks for the great service!
Crystal Cathedral Ministries: Yvonne Feb 4, 2009
Great service! I called Chad at about 9am and he walked through the door with my order at noon! I appreciate that I can get PB supplies locally very quickly!
Canadian Engineered Products: Jan Jan 29, 2009
Thanks for your assistance Chad. I appreciate you taking the time to come out and fix us up.
Interprovincial Traffic Services: Karen Jan 15, 2009
Ill be dealing with you for cartridges from now on& especially if your service is as good as your response to my e-mail& THIS IS AWESOME!! PB still owes us one, but they take way too long to respond.

Thanks much!
Pacific Energy Fireplace Products: Diane Jan 9, 2009
Thanks Chad. You're a peach!
Atlas Van Lines: Christine Dec 11, 2008
Thanks for providing such a great service! Your website is incredibly efficient and easy to use; our inkjet cartridges arrived quickly when we needed them.
Hiller & Shpak CA: Rhiannon Nov 19, 2008
Thanks Chad. What great service!! I was surprised to see those delivered to the office already - with Pitney Bowes (not one of my favorites to deal with) I might have had them in about 2 weeks. Have a great day.
Weyerhaeuser: Shari Aug 7, 2008
Thank-you for EXCELLENT SERVICE Chad. Timing was impeccable!
Have a Super Day!
Township of Langley: Laura Jul 18, 2008