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2010 – Langley Environmental Hero

2011 - Donated to the WWF

2012 – Langley Environmental Hero

2013 - We started planting a forest with The Carbon Farmer(as seen on Dragon’s Den) to offset our carbon footprint.  http://createyourforest.ca/asap-group-and-chad-the-postage-meter-guy

For every order that gets shipped a new tree gets planted. We planted 1,400 trees

2017 - Donated to the WWF

2018 - Donated to the Vancouver Aquarium


The boxes that contain our Postage Meter ink cartridges are made from 100% recycled material. I take back the empty ink cartridges to Staples so they can be recycled properly.  We re-use the sealing solution bottles. We receive incoming faxes directly to email. Invoices are emailed. We accept EFT as form of payment. 2012 Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge for a Sustainable Community. We have rain barrels and use a drip irrigation watering system with timers. We use solar lights outdoors. We have a vegetable garden.