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Are your Postage Meter ink cartridges made of new or recycled materials?
Be assured that all of our Pitney Bowes and Francotyp-Postalia products are made entirely with new materials and are not refilled or remanufactured and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We do take back the old cartridges and give them to Staples for proper recycling. Anything we can do to help the environment. Our Neopost Ink Cartridges have been refilled and the microchips have been reset. There is a 10% fault rate on these cartridges however we still offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
What are your shipping charges for Postage Meter supplies?
If I'm not satisfied with your product can I return it for a refund?
If you're not 100% satisfied with the quality of the product I will ship you a new one free of charge. Return Policy: Returns must be made within 3 months of purchase and package must be unopened and in re-sellable condition. Shipping will be paid by the customer.
Does your ink last as long as the Pitney Bowes cartridges?How about Neopost cartridges?
Yes, our ink lasts the same amount of impressions as do the Pitney Bowes cartridges. Yes, our cartridges last as long or longer than Neopost cartridges.
What is the Competition Bureau?
The Competition Bureau is an independent law enforcement agency responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Competition Act. Its role is to promote and maintain fair competition so that Canadians can benefit from competitive prices, product choice and quality services.
What are your payment terms?
We allow our approved customers 30 days to pay. We accept cheque, Visa, MasterCard and EFT.
How long is my warranty from Pitney Bowes?
Please refer to the terms and conditions on your 32 page Pitney Bowes contract. See section 1.3. See also section 3.3. See also section 5.2.a. Please call Pitney Bowes for a copy of the terms and conditions if you cannot find yours as they may have a slightly different version that may change from time to time. You can call me and I'll tell you what it is. Please see the Pitney Bowes website and the following links: http://forums.pb.com/ptnb/
What do we do if our machine supplier says we have to use their ink?
As you can read below our ink complies with Canada Post requirments. We've had no mail returned and the Canada Post mail processing equipment can read our indicias fine. Our ink has has been approved by Canada Post. Please refer your supplier to the Canada Post website - ABC's of Mailing Canada Post cannot restrict the purchase of ink cartridges to just Pitney Bowes, Neopost or FP. Postage Meter Impression A postage meter impression is an imprint that indicates the amount of postage paid. It must be printed by a Canada Post approved postage meter, directly on an envelope or on postage meter label (which can then be placed on certain items) using bright fluorescent red ink. Postage meter impressions must be legible (capable of being read by Canada Post personnel and mail processing equipment). Customers manually preparing a Bill of Lading or a Manifest must apply the postage meter impression to the back of the data entry copy of the form. It is not acceptable to have postage meter impressions on small pieces of paper other than postage meter tape. Nor is it acceptable to alter postage meter impressions. These items will be considered invalid postage.
Is your company environmentally friendly? Are you a green company?
Yes and Yes. We started planting a forest in 2013 with The Carbon Farmer to offset our carbon footprint. http://createyourforest.ca/asap-group-and-chad-the-postage-meter-guy Our boxes are made of 100% recycled material. We invoice our customers by sending it through email. We take back any empty cartridges and give them to Staples for proper recycling. We take back and reuse any old boxes that still look new and also the empty sealing solution bottles. We received an Environmental Hero award in Langley in 2010 and 2012 from the House of Commons. We donate to the WWF. We donate to the Vancouver Aquarium.
Why do you help customers find a good deal when acquiring a new Postage Meter? What's in it for you?
While I was with Pitney Bowes for 5 years and since I left I've heard customers stories of PROM charges, Pitney Works charges, reset charges, administration fees, past due interest, Valuemax, early cancellation fees, return fees and restocking fees. I felt really bad for being part of that. I'm still a shareholder of Pitney Bowes stocks so I want them to be successful by having as many Postage Meters in population as possible. Plus I feel that if I help customers get a good deal on either PB, Neopost or FP products they're more likely to continue having a Postage Meter for a longer period of time therefore requiring more ink which I hope they buy from me.
Why does our rep recommend that we buy ink from you?
Reps don't get paid from their companies for selling supplies. The reps want the customer to feel that they're getting the best deal possible so they recommend us. If the sales rep is in a competitive situation quoting against another supplier this is a way to get a leg up and save the customer some money on the overall cost of having a device.
Are you aligned with Pitney Bowes?
You'd be pleased to know that in no in way are we connected. They are our direct competitor. We compete with Pitney Bowes for the Postage Meter ink market share. We are not an affiliate, agent, distributor or employee of Pitney Bowes. We are not endorsed or authorized by Pitney Bowes. We do however sell Pitney Bowes OEM name brand ink cartridges for less than they do. Pitney Bowes says that we cannot claim that it is genuine Pitney Bowes ink as they cannot control the storage or shipping of the said product.
How do you obtain your real Pitney Bowes ink cartridges?
2 ways: 1st - I acquire them from Pitney Bowes customers. For example, when Pitney Bowes discontinues varies models and gets the customer to upgrade to a newer model that customer still has leftover ink from the old machine. Pitney Bowes may allow the customers to return the old unopened brand new ink, but many times the customer is not allowed to. If they purchased multiple cartridges to save on delivery charges and haven't got around to using a few of them and are past the Pitney Bowes 6 month return policy. Or if they can't find the receipt or if they don't want to pay the restocking fee. I trade my customer product that fits their new machine for the old unopened brand new OEM ink and resell it to customers who haven't upgraded yet. 2nd - I get my favorite customers to order them from Pitney Bowes in bulk at a discount and then buy or trade them.
What does the Government of Canada say about the use of 3rd party ink?
Please see the attached link to The Department of Justice Canada. http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/regulations/SOR-2010-220/page-1.html#s-5 .
What is Canada Post's policy about the use of 3rd party ink?
Please see Canada Post's email to me on July 30th, 2009. Hi Chad ** This is the information that I was able to obtain with regards to the ink that is used. *** The requirement from Canada Post is that any ink used must be bright fluorescent and be legible by our equipment. The requirement is on our website under ABC’s of mailing. Link and section are copied below. The use of Bright Fluorescent ink is also a requirement in the Postage Meter Regulations, also copied below http://www.canadapost.ca/tools/pg/manual/PGabcmail-e.asp Postage Meter Impression A postage meter impression is an imprint that indicates the amount of postage paid. It must be printed by a Canada Post approved postage meter, directly on an envelope or on postage meter label (which can then be placed on certain items) using bright fluorescent red ink. Postage meter impressions must be legible (capable of being read by Canada Post personnel and mail processing equipment). Customers manually preparing a Bill of Lading or a Manifest must apply the postage meter impression to the back of the data entry copy of the form. It is not acceptable to have postage meter impressions on small pieces of paper other than postage meter tape. Nor is it acceptable to alter postage meter impressions. These items will be considered invalid postage. Link to Postage Meter Regulations. http://laws.justice.gc.ca/en/showdoc/cr/SOR-83-748/bo-ga:s_5::bo-ga:s_6/20090730?page=4 13. A postage meter impression on an item to be transmitted by post shall be in bright fluorescent red ink. We do not specifically require that the Ink must be that of the meter manufacturer. Our requirements are for fluorescents and readability. Poor legibility and non-fluorescents could result in delays and increased cost to our mail processing operations. Use of non-florescent red ink could result in the mail being returned to sender as it is in contravention of the Postage Meter Regulations. Hope this helps.
What is your warranty?
We back our product 100%. I will look at each situation seperately. I'm flexible and since I own the company I can do what I want. We will make you satisfied even if I have to buy you ink from Pitney Bowes.
What does Pitney Bowes think about the print head situation?Should we purchase the cleaning kit Pitney Bowes sells to clean our print head?
Look on the Pitney Bowes website under PB Forums (see below link) http://forums.pb.com/ptnb/search?submitted=true&q=Print+Head
Does Canada Post have any special Postage Meter ink requirements?
ASAP Meter Ink cartridges have been developed and tested in accordance with Canada Post Corporation's strict readability requirements. Please see the attached document from Canada Post. http://www.canadapost.ca/cpo/mr/assets/pdf/business/Postage_Master_Ink_Specifications_en.pdf
Our supplier says that we have to buy supplies from them as we have a lease contract for the machine.
You most likely do have a contract for the machine but that doesn't mean you have to buy supplies from them. That would violate many of the laws which the Competition Bureau of Canada has on their website. 1. Tied selling - These practices generally occur when a supplier places conditions on the supply of a product that constrain the customer in terms of, for example, what else the customer must buy to obtain supply, where the customer may subsequently market the product, or what other product lines the customer may or may not carry. These practices are not illegal in themselves, but may become a cause for concern if they are found to have caused, or be likely to cause, a substantial lessening of competition in a market. 2. Abuse of Market Power - The size of a business, even one that dominates a particular market, is not, of itself, a cause for concern. Businesses may need to become large to achieve lower production costs or to compete against foreign and domestic competitors. However, when a dominant company exploits its market power in a way that hurts competition in the marketplace the Competition Act may come into play. 3. Abuse of dominance (monopoly) - The abuse of dominance provision of the Competition Act seeks to prevent firms that dominate a market from engaging in anti-competitive acts that harm competitors, and thereby significantly lessen competition. http://www.competitionbureau.gc.ca/eic/site/cb-bc.nsf/eng/h_02758.html For example would you listen to your car dealership that said you had to buy gas at a certain gas station. What if they told you that service to your car had to be done at the dealership you leased your car from. That would put companies like Mr. Lube and Budget Brake & Muffler out of business.
Our supplier has told us that we may void our warranty if we use any 3rd party ink cartridges.
They can say that all they want but they cannot act upon it as they would be violating the Magnusson Moss Warranty Act and the Sherman Anti-trust Act. Letter
What are the shipping charges for Office Supplies?
They vary depending on weight and destination. Most shipments in the lower mainland are $8.23. If the customer is near one of our 8 locations where product is stored it can be from $8.23 to $12. Residential addresses typically have an additional fee from Purolator. If you ordered office furniture I will get you a shipping quote.
How long does it take to get our order?
If Office Supplies are ordered by 5pm you should get them the next business day. If Postage Meter supplies are ordered by 2pm you should get them the next day. If Furniture is ordered it usually takes 24-48 hours.
Why does ordering from the website cost less than over the phone or by email?
With the website orders are automated and go directly to the warehouse. So by skipping a step or 2 it reduces our labor cost and time involved so we pass those savings on to our customers.
How do we add messages or logos to our Francotyp-Postalia postage meter?
The first step is to use Google Chrome and go to www.francotyp.ca Next click on Support and Downloads Next scroll down to Software and click on Navigator Follow the 3 steps listed Then begin to create your messages you want to appear beside the indicia on your envelope Once they have been created on the computer connect the USB cord to the meter and computer Make sure the ethernet cord is connected to the meter Press the Menu button on the meter, then scroll to Remote Services and press it The new ad or message should be in the meter now If you want a logo please email it to me in black and white as a .jpeg, .tif or .png file. The picture size should be 545 x 290.
Do you accept credit card payments?
Yes we accept Visa and MasterCard. Just click the link in the body of the email that contained the invoice. It says Review and Pay and will take you to Quickbooks.
We cannot seem to download postage on our Postbase meter?
Please unplug ethernet cable and unplug power cord. Plug ethernet cord back in and then plug the power cord back in. Needs to be done in this order to ensure meter can find an IP address To check to see if the meter has an IP address press Menu and then press Manage Connection. If you have an IP address but still cannot download postage please check to make sure that you have funds in your FP Telset Postage Account.
How can we check to see if we have funds in our FP Teleset account?
Download your account history and check your Teleset account balance at: http://www.francotyp.ca/teleset-balance-checker/ Use format like the example shown below: Account No. 300012345(use your account #) Postage Meter Serial No. 1234567(use your serial #)
What do we do if our Postage Meter says failure in communication with data center?
Step 1 - Connect to the internet Step 2 - Check to make sure you're connected using an ethernet cable Step 3 - Press Menu Step 4 - Scroll right and press Manage Connection Step 5 - Do you have an IP address? if so proceed to step 6. If no IP address turn off meter, connect ethernet cable, turn meter on and go back to step 1 Step 6 - Press Menu Step 7 - Press Download Postage Step 8 - Type in $0 Step 9 - Press Load Postage Step 10 - Confirm the amount you want to load by pressing Yes
How do we connect our Postbase meter to the internet?
There are 5 ways to connect the meter to the internet. Use the ethernet cord not the USB cord that came with the meter. Option 1 - Plug it into a modem Option 2 - Plug it into a router Option 3 - Plug it into a dataport jack in the wall. Should be the one that says D for data not V for voice Option 4 - Plug it directly into the server Option 5 - Wifi - $200 one time fee for the kit
How do we use our credit towards a new Postage Meter?
As a credit it can be used towards a new postage meter. For example if the model you want costs $1500 and your credit is $800 you just pay $700. If you want to use it towards office supplies it wouldn't be a credit but a discount. You need to only pay my cost for the supplies. You get wholesale pricing, you pay what I pay with no mark up from me. For example if I pay $20 wholesale for an item you would need to pay just $20 for the same item. Retail may cost $25.